Monday, June 1, 2009

Hugo Award Entry

Here is my entry for the Hugo Award Logo Contest. The requirements were to include the rocket (which is the shape of the Hugo Award) and the words "Hugo Award". It was also required to make a "Winner" variant. From what I understand they got some where in the neighborhood of two hundred entries. Their hope is to make an announcement on the logo in early June. We'll see....

I had also made some color variants, but they arent showing up right through Blogger or ImageShack. I'll post them if I can get it to look right.


Kevin Standlee said...

Actually, it was closer to four hundred entries -- we still haven't processed them all because so many came in on the last day, so we don't have a final count yet. And there's no way we'll have a final result in early June. It's going to be tight for us to have a decision in time to make a big announcement at Worldcon this year, especially as Worldcon is the first weekend of August rather than September.

Jonathan Canny said...

Well there you have it folks. Straight from the Committee. 400 sounds much more appropriate. Kevin, thanks for stopping by and supplying the facts.

Kevin Standlee said...

You're welcome. All you have to do is mention "Hugo Award" somewhere that Google Search will spot it and you can conjure me up. ;)

(Well, that assumes I have enough time, what with my volunteer work with WSFS and the Day Job.)

Journey Planet said...

Would you mind me using this in my Handicapping the Hugo issue next week? I'm trying to include several of the designs that weren't chosen in the next issue.

You can mail me at garcia @ if you need any info